You’ve recently been blacklisted or have found out that your credit score is unfavourable. Your car has just driven the last of its kilometers and you need to get a pre-loved car that is in good mechanical condition, fast. What do you do? 

Car finance from a car dealership or a bank, may not be an option because of the fact that you are either blacklisted, or have a low credit score. However, what is an option is a  lease-to-own, also referred to as rent-to-own a car. 

Rent-to-own car finance has a number of advantages. One of these, is the fact that you can still obtain a pre-loved car that is in good mechanical condition, even if you are blacklisted or have a low credit score. That way, you are not reliant on public transport and do have time to rectify your credit score. 

Credit is seen as a gateway to open-ended responsible opportunities. These opportunities are however, limited, if you do have a low credit score. To obtain a credit score, you need to take on credit and maintain a consistent payment track record. 

It is possible for you to finance a car and to improve your credit record at the same time. 

At Earn-a-Car, we welcome all applicants, even if you have been blacklisted or do have a low credit score. We understand that your independence is limited when you don’t have access to your own car.  

With rent-to-own car finance, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. At Earn-a-Car, we specialise in assisting with car finance, providing you with the opportunity of starting over in your own set of wheels. The best part, with every monthly payment, you are one step closer to owning the car that you are renting. This gives you time to improve your credit score and to work towards being debt-free. 

The Earn-a-Car team will strive to get you behind the steering wheel of a car that you can eventually own. We believe in second chances. 

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