Bad credit can be a big obstacle when it comes to important things in life like applying for a mortgage or applying for vehicle financing. Many people depend on a car to get them to work, to university or to visit family and friends, but for those who have been blacklisted or have bad credit, the thought of owning your own car may seem impossible. Earn-A-Car has a rent-to-own programme designed to help those with bad credit. You don’t need vehicle financing to join our programme and you’ll also be able to fix your bad credit rating in the process. Here’s how:

  • Choose a vehicle from our huge selection of used and second-hand cars.
  • After an instant credit approval we will draw up your personalised rent-to-own contract.
  • For every monthly payment you make we will give you R300 in cash. You can use this money to pay off other bills, thus improving your bad credit rating, or you can put the money towards the total cost of the vehicle. You can own the car within as little as four to six years.
  • Our no vehicle financing required policy means you can rent a car that allows you to get to work on time. We know you’re working hard to fix your bad credit rating and we want to make it as easy as possible for you, so consider our rent-to-own programme as an option.

Come to Earn-A-Car today and explore our range of used and second-hand cars

For more information about how Earn-A-Car’s rent-to own programme can help you earn your own vehicle while improving your bad credit rating, or if you have any questions about how our programme works, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We have helped many blacklisted drivers work towards owning their own car without vehicle finance and we look forward to assisting you.