Being blacklisted or having a poor credit history means there’s no way you can purchase and pay off a halfway decent car, right?  Actually, you’re wrong there!

Although obtaining traditional vehicle finance for blacklisted people is not possible, there is another method of owning your own quality used car, through Earn-a-car’s unique rent-to-buy system.

At Earn-a-car, we don’t run credit checks on our customers, or ask awkward questions!  We understand that one in four South Africans has slipped up at some point in their lives and now has to live with the unfortunate, embarrassing legacy of being blacklisted with the ITC. However, we see the past as the past, and want to give you a chance to get behind the wheel of the car of your choice as soon as possible! In fact, we’re so confident of meeting our promise that we guarantee you a vehicle from our pre-owned fleet within 24 hours … or we’ll lend you a car – all expenses paid – for a month!

All you need to do is meet certain basic requirements (such as having a valid ID document, drivers’ license and proof of income) sign a flexible contract with Earn-a-car, undertaking to make regular monthly payments (thereby simultaneously rehabilitating your credit record) and, at the end of a determined period, the car will be yours!

Earn-a-car also offers a number of comprehensive, value-added extras, such as:

  • A comprehensive warranty for the full term of your rental contract with us.
  • Indemnity against accident damage.
  • A vehicle tracking, immobilisation and emergency response system
  • A towing subsidy
  • A cash-back reward programme for consistent payment

So, don’t wait to get turned down yet again when applying for vehicle finance. Contact Earn-a-car today and you could be on the road as soon as some time tomorrow! Give us a call to find out more about our vehicle finance for blacklisted people.