Motor vehicle advertisements make it all seem so easy.  “For just R—- a month, you can own this exciting brand-new or second-hand car, today!”

The sad reality is that for many South Africans, owning a quality vehicle is out of reach, due to blacklisting or a poor credit record, because –  unfortunately – creditworthiness is the first thing dealers check, when customers apply for traditional motor vehicle financing.

If you’re amongst the one-in-four South Africans suffering from a lingering legacy of a bad credit history, Earn-a-car may have a solution for you.

At Earn-a-car, we know that having your name listed on the ITC can mar your record – which is why we’ve devised a unique model that obviates the need for credit checks, and will have you driving the vehicle of your choice (from our excellent, pre-owned range) with 24 hours, guaranteed!

What’s more, because the Earn-a-car deal doesn’t base ownership suitability on credit status, there’s no blacklisted vehicle finance involved:

How the Earn-a-car programme works:

  • Simply meet our basic requirements, (including no criminal record; possession of a valid driver’s license and ID; bank statements and proof of income, plus the ability to make a specified deposit and ongoing minimum monthly repayment).
  • If you qualify, we’ll find you a suitable car from our extensive fleet of quality pre-owned vehicles, within 24 hours, guaranteed. (If not, we’ll provide you with an all-expenses-paid vehicle, for a full month!)
  • Our competitively-priced, flexible “rent-to-buy” contract includes a comprehensive warranty, tracking system, emergency response, accident cover and support, and lots of value-added extras, including a cash-back loyalty reward.
  • Once you’ve fulfilled the contract terms via regular payments over a stipulated, limited period, you will own the vehicle outright, with no strings attached!

Best of all, with Earn-car you can get the used car you want, while improving your credit record.  It’s a win-win situation.  Contact us today, for a vehicle financing solution that’s the  “wheel deal”!