“Loan application declined.”  Do those words sound depressingly familiar?  If so, it’s probably due to your having a bad credit record, which means the same thing will definitely happen when you apply for financing to purchase a car.

But there is another way to get blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa, without having to experience the disappointment and shame of being turned down yet again – through Earn-a-car.

At Earn-a-car, we specialise in providing an effective car-ownership solution for the many honest, hard-working South Africans who are dogged by having being rated as poor or slow payers with the credit bureau.

Because we understand how these things can happen (after all, one in four South Africans finds themselves in the same position), we let bygones be bygones – and that means no credit checks!

Our focus is on getting you mobile, ASAP.

In fact, your successful application to Earn-a-car’s flexible, competitively-priced buy-to-rent programme enables you to drive away the used car of your choice, within 24 hours guaranteed – or we’ll arrange another vehicle free of charge for a month!

Here’s how the Earn-a-car Programme works:

  • Simply fulfil a few basic requirements, including providing us with a valid ID, drivers’ license and proof of income.
  • Once approved, you enter into a fair, flexible contract, undertaking to pay a stipulated minimum amount per month, over a pre-determined period.
  • Next, we’ll find you a suitable car from our extensive fleet of quality pre-owned vehicles, and get you behind the wheel in a day.
  • The value-added Earn-a-car package includes a comprehensive warranty, tracking system, emergency response, accident indemnity and cover, and lots of other value-added extras, including a cash-back loyalty reward for meeting monthly payment obligations.
  • Once you’ve fulfilled the contract terms, the vehicle will be yours.

Getting wheels through Earn-a-car really is that simple, and best of all, you can rehabilitate your credit status at the same time.

Don’t delay. Contact Earn-a-car to find out more about blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa!