If you’ve ever tried to apply for financing of any kind and suffered the humiliation and disappointment of being turned down due to a blacklisted credit record with the ITC, or a previous history of being a slow/late payer, you’ll be delighted to know that Earn-a-Car has a solution for you. While other avenues may not be open to you right now, there is a way for you to get behind the wheel of a top quality vehicle – immediately – without requiring any credit checks!

At Earn-a-car, we know that up to one in four South Africans are declined vehicle financing  as a result of being blacklisted – and we understand the frustration of not being able to own a decent car.

That’s why we’ve pioneered a system enabling you to drive the car of your choice from our pre-owned fleetwithin 24 hours, guaranteed – or we’ll lend you another vehicle, all-expenses-paid, for a month.

With Earn-a-car, there’s no conventional financing involved and the application process is quick and easy, with no embarrassing credit checks. All you have to do is meet certain basic criteria (no criminal record; valid I.D. document; drivers’ licence; proof of income) and sign up with Earn-a-car’s flexible, competitively priced, rent-to-buy programme. If regular monthly payments are maintained over a stipulated period, the car will be yours … with no other strings attached! 

Plus, included in the Earn-a-car package are loads of added-value extras, including:

  • A comprehensive warranty covering your contract term
  • A vehicle tracking, emergency response and immobilisation system
  • Indemnity against accidents
  • A monthly towing subsidy
  • A cash-back loyalty reward for good payment

Best of all, on your way to earning your own wheels, you’ll be able to rehabilitate your credit record, for good.

In the meantime, contact Earn-a-car today … and get yourself mobile tomorrow. Contact us to find out more about our vehicle finance for people with a poor credit record.