Bad credit is a real problem that many people have to deal with every single day. It may seem like an immovable obstacle, standing in the way of you achieving your personal goals and subjecting you to endless amounts of judgement and disrespect from those around you. The good news is that bad credit does not have to be a problem when it comes to vehicle financing. By going about it the right way with people who understand your predicament, you could not only get the key to your very own car, but get back the key to your life as well.

At this point you are probably wondering how purchasing a car could possibly be the solution to your financial woes and the answer is simple. At Earn-a-Car, your bad credit is not a consideration when it comes to vehicle financing. We offer instant approval on a wide range of top quality pre-owned vehicles and comprehensive warrantees on all our rent-to-buy agreements.

How can a used car deal improve bad credit?

When you enter into an agreement with us, we offer you instant approval and an easily affordable monthly payment plan that includes all the necessities such as insurance and maintenance costs. For every successful payment you make on your vehicle, you are one step closer to improving your bad credit record and will even be entitled to R300 cash back which you can use to begin paying off other debt. We also offer cash rewards for successful referrals, so you can help yourself by helping others.

By placing your trust in Earn-a-Car, you put yourself back in control of your future. Regain your respect by turning bad credit into a ghost of the past. Contact us now.