Thinking about buying a new car, but are uncertain where to start?

Simply read these helpful guidelines.

  • Do your homework

This is the first and most important thing to do when you are planning on buying a new car. You need to determine what you want in a new car and why. This involves the price range you can afford, the type of car, the model; investigating models that meet your criteria, and finding out what vehicle financing options are available.

  • Don’t buy the first car you see and like

Don’t just dive in and buy a car from the first dealership you visit. Before making any final decisions, first visit a couple of dealerships and evaluate various models that meet your criteria. Buying a car on impulse will only lead to extremely expensive mistakes. If you have found something that you really like don’t be hasty as they will make more models just like that one.

  • Negotiate.

If you are in the car buying market you need to be prepared to negotiate for the first place. Although there are very few people that enjoy negotiating it is unfortunately one of those more unpleasant things one should do if you want to get value for your money. Know what the invoice price is on the car, and get down to business when negotiating with the salesperson. Insist that the salesperson play open cards and deal with you straight up. Getting up and pretending to walk out the dealership is a very effective strategy to cut through all the nonsense and get to an agreeable price. If the salesperson allows you to walk then they are not to prepared to talk business open and honestly.

  • Stick to what you know

Don’t allow the dealership to talk you into something that you don’t really want, need or can’t afford. Be firm and straightforward, and walk out with a deal and car you are satisfied with and can afford.


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