Bad credit attracts a high rate of interest or a huge down payment or both. No guesses for the response when you try telling that to a person who has been through a bad patch financially.

Used Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People

If you are blacklisted or have experienced bankruptcy or repossession in the recent past, you should defer your decision to buy a new car for the time being. However, mobility is one thing that you may need if you want to start afresh. What you could do is to try and rebuild your credit and as far as getting a car is concerned you may consider getting a used car with a leased vehicle loan.

What if someone was to suggest that you can do both, get a car and also better your credit ranking in one go? Yes, it is possible to get a used car even if you are blacklisted and also improve your credit.

Where to Get Used Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People

Earn-a-car provides an easier solution through which you can easily achieve both of your goals. Buy a used car at Earn-a-car to get a quality vehicle. The terms and conditions are simple and you are your own approving authority. All that you need to do is to see whether you qualify and meet the simple basic requirements. You should not be having a criminal record or any pending dispute with Earn-a-car and we will provide you with a car within 24 hours against a reasonable down payment.

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All the information that you need is available at the Earn-a-car website. Log on and approve your own loan and get a used car. You can hand over the car back to us whenever you think you do not want to keep it. However, you have five years or less to pay for the car and if you stay with us for long we shall help you in improving your credit as well.

Contact us to buy a car if you are blacklisted