Recent offers to trade in old gas-guzzlers for something a bit more efficient has people turning out to the car dealerships in big numbers. If you meet certain criteria, you can trade your old beater in for a brand new fuel-efficient model and get a sizeable amount off the down payment. However before you run off to the nearest dealership here are the top ten car finance tips.


The first thing you must do is set your budget; examine what you can afford to spend up front and or the monthly payment. You should remember to include the increased cost of insurance and upkeep. Certain vehicles will cost you more to maintain and insure. Many people forget to include these costs when considering vehicle finance.

Choosing a Vehicle

There are many different vehicles on the market today and one of your first steps will be to narrow down your choices. Do you want a truck, car or SUV? If you are unsure, great car finance tips encourages you to ask around. When you see a car you are interested in ask people about their experience with that vehicle. You can find out quite a bit about a vehicles inherit problems this way.

Research Further

There are many places you can get information about vehicles. The internet is a good place to find out information about your potential vehicle. Many people do not consider research to be included in car finance tips, but the more you know the better equipped you are to negotiate price.

Comparative Shopping

Whether you are buying a car or furniture, you should always comparative shop. Get quotes from dealers in your area and from surrounding cities or towns. Driving a couple of hours may just be worth it if you can shave thousands off the price of a new or used vehicle. This is probably one of the most powerful car finance tips you can follow, not only could you save money by visiting another town you could drive down local prices if you have a quote in hand.

Compare Interest Rates

During your comparison-shopping, you will also want to shop interest rates. Talk to your bank, research online and consider the vehicle finance options from the dealership, then choose the one that offers you the lowest interest rates and the best terms. Remember vehicle finance can be stretched out sometimes up to seven years, but you will be paying a fortune in interest.

Test Drive

When it comes to car finance tips test-driving is super important and make sure you give it a real test drive. Do not drive around the small side streets in town; take the vehicle out on the highway where you can get it up to the legal speed limit! Used cars will sometimes not show their true colors until you have brought them up to speed, watch for shaking or vibrating as your speed increases. Besides, you want to know how the vehicle will handle in all kinds of driving situations.

Negotiate Everything

You should negotiate every detail that is important to you and this should be done face to face. Never discuss any part of your deal on the phone as arrangements could later be denied. Once you are close to sealing the deal, ask for a break to talk it over with your spouse or partner, this could save you a lot of headaches later.


A new car should come with a warranty but most dealerships will try to sell you an extended warranty plan. Some of these plans are great and will save you money in the end, however you will want to examine the warranty very closely compare the cost of extending the warranty against potential repairs, including the ones not covered.

Black and White

Anything and everything you agree upon with your vehicle finance should be in black and white, or in other words in writing. Never take a sales persons word that something is covered, make sure it is in writing and signed by all parties concerned.

Laser Cut Keys and Chips

Do not overlook the keys when you are negotiating and taking possession of your car. Newer vehicles often have laser cut or keys that include chips. These keys are very expensive to replace and cannot be copied at the local hardware store so be sure to get the second key and then place it in a safe place, just in case!

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