Tire Maintenance Tips for the Everyday User

Tire Maintenance Tips for the Everyday User 2018-05-07T15:56:13+00:00

Among all the things that you need to do to keep your car running tire maintenance is perhaps the most important. After all your tires are your connection to the road and any problem with them will translate into performance issues. Damage to your tires can also translate into severe safety issues and may cause accidents if not repaired immediately. Fortunately there are many things you can do to keep your tires in good shape, most of which are very easy and very cheap.

The first thing you need to do is to get into the habit of checking your tires. People often disregard tire maintenance as being a secondary concern compared to the engine. However if something happens to your tires then your engine becomes a paperweight. One of the easiest things to do is to make a visual inspection of your tires about once a week.

Simply go out and see if you can spot anything out of the ordinary. While most tires have small cracks due to the nature of the material, larger problematic ones will stand out like a sore thumb. Also make sure to keep an eye out for nails, bald spots, or anything else that might cause a problem. It’s also a good idea to get the tire pressure checked about once a month just to be safe.

Most tires have an optimal inflation level and if they are too low, or too high your gas mileage can suffer. Not to mention that they might not be able to grip the road or perform as they should handling wise. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to keep up with tire maintenance.  Another reason is that it can help you gauge when you need new tires.

One other step to take when thinking about tire maintenance is to have your tires aligned every so often. This isn’t something that can be scheduled mileage wise like a tune up or an oil change as it’s more closely related to how rough you drive, and how bad your roads are. As you go over bumps and other harsh driving hazards your suspension absorbs the force before it gets to the cabin.

However before the suspension can do its job the tires take the full brunt of whatever force impacts them. This can knock them out of alignment and can range from a minor annoyance to a severe driving hazard. As mentioned above it’s not something you can plan on every so many thousands of miles. However it’s a good idea to have them aligned when you have your tires rotated.

Tire rotation is essential to keeping your tires healthy and getting the most use out of them. This can often resemble a game of musical chairs but it does help prolong their life. It also ensures that they wear evenly so you don’t end up with just one bad tire.

Tire maintenance is a very important thing to keep up with. Proper care of your tires can help prevent flats and other issues before they develop. It can also allow you to keep an eye on how your tires are wearing so you have a good idea of when they need replaced.

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