Fuel consumption is something that’s been on everyone’s mind recently and most are trying to drive efficiently to save as much fuel as they can. The reasons for wanting to save petrol might be economy related or they might be energy related. Regardless there are various tips, tricks, and methods that you can use to accomplish your goal.

The most common reason for wanting to drive efficiently is often the rising price of fuel.  This price fluctuates every year and the more you save petrol the more you save on your budget. The first thing that you can do is sit down and take a really hard look at your driving style. Are you an aggressive driver or a passive driver?

Aggressive drivers are usually the ones to be the hardest on their brakes, and the heaviest on their gas pedals. Stopping and accelerating aggressively can consume a good deal of fuel and counter your efforts to save petrol. Most cars are designed to get their best fuel economy at 55 MPH so not speeding can save you some money, and keep you safe as well.  The next thing you can do is to keep your vehicle properly maintained.

A vehicle will get its best fuel economy when it’s in top condition and you drive efficiently with it. That being said make sure to get the oil changed when it requires it, have tune ups done every 60 thousand miles, have all the belts checked regularly, and above all keep an eye on your tire pressure. Your tires are the link between your engine and the road and if they are underinflated, out of alignment, or damaged they can cost you money.

Having them checked once every 2 months is a very prudent decision and will help you save petrol. If you drive efficiently you can keep your tires in good shape, not treating your vehicle like a race car also helps. That is of course assuming your car is a regular vehicle and in fact not a race car. Regardless tire maintenance is one of the most important aspects of keeping a car running and one of the most overlooked as well.

Aside from the financial reasons for wanting to conserve fuel you also have environmental reasons. As more people are becoming aware of their impact on the environment many want to reduce their carbon emissions. One of the best ways to do this is to alter their driving habits to consume less fuel. Less fuel burned means less pollution emitted by your engine which in turn means cleaner air.

This is of course something we can all benefit from. Most people however are trying to conserve fuel simply for the reason of spending less money. Less money spent on fuel means more money that can be saved for an emergency. This is something everyone can get behind regardless of their beliefs and ideas about the environment.

When looking to drive efficiently remember to look at your driving style first, then your cars condition. Aggressive drivers waste more fuel due to high speeds and hard stops. Keeping your car in good health can also help you save petrol in the long run. Above all remember to wear your safety belt and drive safe

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