Venturing into the used car market might seem a little risky to you at first but once you know the right questions to ask, it is really not that risky anymore. It is important to know that the responsibility of buying a valuable, used car is in the buyer’s hands. Ask the seller, private or a dealer, as many questions as possible. The more information you have on the car, the less you have to be worried about. However, it is important to know which questions are the right ones to ask in order to get the answers you’re looking for. The below list of questions is a good guide to follow when buying a used car.

Used car inspection checklist

  • Find out why the seller is selling the car. Most people sell a car to purchase a new one, but it might be that this car is no longer reliable.
  • How long has the seller had the car? If they haven’t had the car for long find out why it needs to be sold so quickly. Ask whether they know the history of the vehicle.
  • Does the car need any repairs? You need to find out what kind of repairs the car needs. This will help you determine whether the used car price is in range.
  • What is the car’s mileage? The key here is that you shouldn’t purchase a car that has clocked between 12 000 and 18 000 miles per year. That means if the car is three years old it shouldn’t have more than 30 000 miles on its odometer. When looking at the odometer check carefully that it is correctly aligned. If it is not it might be that it has been tampered with.
  • Ask if the car has been in any accidents. If it has been get as much details as possible to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Ask for the car’s documentation such as the registration papers. Check the car’s model, manufacturer, VIN and engine number against its papers. If the VIN number is different than on the papers it could be that the car has been stolen.
  • Get the seller’s personal information such as his or her telephone number and address and match it against the car’s registration papers.
  • Enquire about the car’s service history.
  • Ask the seller if there are any outstanding loans, or any other outstanding finance still owing on the vehicle?
  • Ask for all the car’s keys, and not just the master key. You certainly don’t want the spare key lying around and have somebody steal your car.

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