A few years ago, it was easy to get credit and finance to obtain certain privileges and services. Today, many South Africans are coming to see that becoming credit blacklisted will stand in their way from obtaining vehicle finance, accounts from clothing retailers, home loan bonds and so forth if they have failed to meet payments in the past.

You can be put on a credit blacklist if you have failed to consolidate your debt or if you have missed repayments. Being blacklisted isn’t uncommon in South Africa (and it’s nothing to be ashamed about). In order to acquire assets, such as a car, home or cell phone contract, you don’t need a clean credit slate – there are definite steps that you can take to consolidate your debt and to avoid being blacklisted again in the future.

How to prevent being blacklisted

You can prevent being blacklisted by ensuring that none of your accounts are in arrears. If you want to know if you are blacklisted in South Africa, you can do an ITC blacklisted check to find out if any creditors have reported you for unpaid accounts or debts. If you see that you have been blacklisted on any of these financial reports, it is important to know that there are still companies who will help you if you need finance.

How Earn-a-car can help you

If you have been blacklisted, you are probably one of the millions of South Africans that are concerned about how they are going to own a car. In order to meet obligations, you need to be mobile and Earn-a-car has set up a unique model that enables people with a questionable credit history to get the car they need and restore their credit history simultaneously.

All you need to become part of the cash-back / Earn-a-car programme is have a license, be able to repay the monthly amount (which starts from R2,500 per month), prove that you don’t have a criminal record, show bank statements and pay the upfront fee of your vehicle.

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