Do you have bad credit? Have you tried again and again to get the car of your dreams, only to be told that your credit is stopping you? The denied vehicle loan is a common story these days, especially with the way the economy is going downhill, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to drive off in the car of your dreams does it? Okay, maybe not the car of your dreams, but as close as you can get!

You need a car to get to work, school, or to do general activities throughout the day. When you are told that you cannot have a car, it’s like the end of your world! No one should have to go through that, and that’s why Earn-a-car is offering you something that you cannot afford to miss!

You don’t have to put up with the denied vehicle loan. No longer do you have to walk to work knowing that you will never be able to afford a decent car. Now you have a choice. Earn-a-car will help you get into the car of your choice with absolutely no credit checks, and no banks.

As you know most car lots will run your credit, but there’s something about that you need to know. Do you realize that whenever your credit is run, it actually suffers? It makes it appear as if you’re hard up for cash and therefore your credit rating drops.

If your credit is already in the gutter then you don’t want that to happen, so head over to Earn-a-car ! We will let you choose a car, and you will be able to make payments on it as you go. No banks, no credit check, your word of honor is good enough for us.

What are the requirements? They are actually fairly simple and most people will be able to meet them. You will need to bring with you a minimum payment of R10000 and be able to pay R2500pm per month. You will also be required to have bank statements, a valid Driver’s license, and proof of residence. If you are male, you need to be more than twenty-five years old. Sound simple enough? Great!

On top of that with the Earn-a-car Programme, you’ll earn cash while driving your car. You can use that cash to purchase your car from us in just five years! In the event you decide you don’t want to purchase the car, you can simply turn the car back in and take the cash for your own personal spending.

When you step onto our lot and get approved, we’ll have you in a car within twenty-four hours! In the event we don’t have the right car for you, we’ll give you a loaner car absolutely free until the right car is on our lot waiting for you.

Yes, it sounds like a dream, but we don’t believe that a man or woman should be measured by their credit rating, but rather by their character and their actions. So check out our website or one of our lots today and get into the car you’ve always dreamed!

If you are blacklisted and need a car urgently then you should contact Earn-a-car today! They could have you on the road as quick as within 24 hours of meeting the criteria.