Did you know that you can get a car even if you have a poor credit rating? The reality is that there are lots of myths attached to bad credit and blacklisting. This is why most people tend to stay put without trying to know more about it.

Easier Car Financing For People with Bad Credit

If your credit is bad or even if you are blacklisted, you need not lose hope because you can still get a car for your personal use. The fact is that car finance was never so easy before provided you know where to get it from.

Car Financing For People with Bad Credit

If you want a personal vehicle loan you would normally approach a dealer or service that provides car financing. The problem is that these lenders entertain people only with a good credit. Even though the lender can always repossess the car in the event of a default, they would rather not do that because the car can sometimes be in a very bad shape.

Frankly, there are some car loan providers who specialise in difficult credit situations but then you should be prepared to pay a very high rate of interest as well as a bigger down payment.

Bad Credit Car Financing In South Africa

If you live in South Africa, you are lucky because you can get a car within 24 hours regardless of your credit score. You need not worry much about the requirements because most people are able to meet the simple criteria set by Earn-a-car . Choose your car and pay a down payment, which can be as low as R10,000. You should also have the wherewithal of paying R2,500 per month and you can drive back in a car.

If you have any doubts about this, check it out at Earn-a-car website and see how easy it is for people with bad credit to own a car.

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