Usually, when you want to buy a car you need to have a good credit history for getting a car loan. However, your poor credit history need not come in the way of your getting a car.

Car Finance Options For Blacklisted South Africans

Blacklisted people should be prepared to pay a high rate of interest to a lending company that specializes in lending to people with bad credit or those who are blacklisted. That may sound pretty easy on paper but getting a car loan sanctioned is no walk down the easy street.

Unfortunately, nearly 25% percent South Africans have a bad credit history and struggle to get a car. But that should not be a reason for you to abandon hope for getting mobile and drive a car. What you can do is that you can explore car finance options for blacklisted people in South Africa.

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Earn-a-car Offers Car Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa

There were times when only those who used a car for business purposes could get leased car finance. This is no longer the case now and even blacklisted people can avail leased car finance for private use. Earn-a-car provides car finance without going into the long processes of applications and approvals and checking credit scores.

We have simple pre-set criteria and you will know in advance whether you qualify or not. No need to run from pillar to post to see which company specializes in lending to blacklisted people. It is a hassle-free option and all the information is available at Earn-a-car website. Complete the pre-approve form and check for yourself if you meet the basic criteria. See how simple it is to get a car within 24 hours of meeting all the requirements.

The maximum period is five years and if you change your mind midway you can always hand the car back to us as per the terms of the agreement.

Contact us to buy a car if you are blacklisted