Vehicle Finance if you are blacklisted

If you are one of the many blacklisted people in South Africa, you will know how difficult it can be to obtain vehicle finance with a bad credit score. Making financial mistakes can lead people with bad credit to experience problems when seeking certain financial services, such as vehicle loans or home loans. Earn-a-car offers vehicle finance Gauteng for blacklisted people. Having your own transport is key to earning money and you should be able to travel to work in order to earn a stable income – let us help you get a car today!

What finance can you get

As a blacklisted person, you may not be able to walk into a dealership and obtain vehicle finance through the dealership or a bank (or you might be subjected to high interest rates or other strict terms and conditions for your loan). The Earn-a-car vehicle finance programme for blacklisted people allows you to buy a car and pay it off easily and affordably (you can own your car as quickly as you like with the Earn-a-car programme, but four years is the normal period).

How Earn-a-car can help you.

The basics of our earn-your-car programme works as follows:

  • Browse our website, choose a car and complete the pre-approve form.
  • The monthly fee you will be paying starts at R2 500 per month. You will be able to earn cash for each month that you keep the car (you can use this money to take ownership of the car at the end of the agreement).
  • If you cannot meet the payments, we will come and collect the car (you will need to make payments for the notice period – 1 calendar month).
  • You can always “trade down” if you feel the car you have is no longer affordable.
  • We help people who show good faith – if you bring your payments up to date, we will help you get vehicle finance through us again.

Many professional people find themselves on a credit blacklist, but this doesn’t mean that your right to own a car has been taken away for good. Earn-a-car offers value for money by providing affordable vehicle finance for blacklisted people in South Africa.

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