In South Africa, a lot of things may lead you to be blacklisted by the ITC. And, you may face various problems if you are blacklisted. For instance, when you are blacklisted, you are bound to face difficulties in getting vehicle finance approved.

However, being credit blacklist does not end all your dreams of owning a car. When you know the right methods and the right place to go, you can easily own a car even when you are blacklisted.

All About Car Finance When Credit Blacklisted

The car finance for credit blacklisted people is termed Non Standard Finance. This allows all the blacklisted people to get an auto finance package approved. To get your vehicle finance approval, you need to submit certain documents, such as your Driving License, Document ID, income proof, residential address proof, and bank statements. You also need to fill out certain application forms.

Once you have got you vehicle finance approved, you must make your payments on time. This will help repair your credit score and thus have your name removed from the blacklist.

A considerable amount of research must go into your vehicle finance aspiration. The Internet is a very good source when it comes to looking for a good financial institution. No need to be in hurry when it comes to getting finance for your vehicle. This increases the probability of you ending up in a lot of financial problem in the future.

Earn-a-car – The Solution to Your Problem

If you are in South Africa and are credit blacklisted, you might approach Earn-a-carEarn-a-car . Earn-a-car will enable you to own a car even when you are blacklisted.

All you need to do is submit some documents and fill out certain applications. Once that is done, you are ready to own a car. A lot of care must be taken in deciding the car to be chosen. With the approval of your car loan, you just need to make sure that pay all your monthly installments on time and you can enjoy your car for ever.

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