Do you want to become even more independent? Owning a car can be easier and more affordable than you think. Rent-to-own options can help you to get to your goal of owning your car faster, and help you to make good financial decisions. Get ready to grab your car keys and get to where you want to be, with our rent-to-own guide for vehicle finance planning:

Why Choose a Rent-to-Own Vehicle Finance Plan?

A rent-to-own car finance option is an agreement where you are able to rent a car with the intention of paying for it throughout the contract term.

Getting a car is exciting, but the deposit or upfront payment fee prevents a number of people from enjoying the benefits of owning a car. Anyone with a poor credit record or insufficient cash will find it difficult to obtain really good finance terms. If you would like to own a car but your credit score has become a hurdle, the rent-to-own car finance plan is for you.

What it takes to be an Ideal Candidate for a Rent-to-Own Vehicle Finance Plan

    • You will need to make an upfront payment of approximately R13 000 at the start of the rent-to-own contract agreement.
    • If you have a history of poor credit loans and you want to buy a car, renting-to-own a car is an easy vehicle finance option. There are no credit checks involved and no interest is added to the cost of the car. This agreement will also not affect your credit score.
    • You will need proof of income to prove that you are able to make the monthly installments. 
    • You need to be a South African citizen.
    • A valid driver’s licence is also required.

Earn-a-Car Offers an Affordable Rent-to-Own Vehicle Finance Plan

Our online approval form will take you less than three minutes to complete. Once you have submitted this form to us, we will contact you and help you through the next steps. 

Contact us today to get easy car finance to rent-to-own your car in South Africa.