Given the economic downturn in South Africa, you may find yourself in a position where being able to purchase a car, may feel just out of your reach. But, this may just make you the perfect candidate for a rent-to-buy car.

Why should you choose to rent-to-buy? 

For the budget-conscious

If you need to stick to a tight budget, then a rent-to-own car might just be the right option for you. With a rent-to-own car, you essentially rent a car over a fixed period of time, after which the car becomes yours. It will also allow you more flexibility within your budget because the repayment rate is fixed; therefore, fluctuating interest rates won’t have a negative effect on your budget.

Consider yourself practical and are looking for a car to match?

Rent-to-own cars are pre-loved cars. There are many options available to suit your budget and preferences whilst also ticking off the practicality box.

Or maybe it’s just your time (or the lack thereof) 

Going through the process of buying a car using vehicle finance institutions can take a lot of time. Earn-a-Car’s sign-up process is quick, easy and hassle-free with no seemingly endless amounts of paperwork and long administrative processes.

Are financial constraints holding you back? 

With Earn-a-Car’s easy vehicle finance option, it is easy and convenient to obtain a car, despite major obstacles, like a low credit score or being blacklisted. We specialise in helping those who require a little extra financial assistance, to be able to own a car.

Explore your options with rent-to-own cars 

If you are willing to explore alternate ways to own a car, legally; rent-to-own is the compliant financial alternative of owning a car. If your financial situation improves, with Earn-a-Car, you do also have the option of trading up your existing vehicle that you are currently leasing from Earn-a-Car.

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