Earn-a-Car will rent a car to you, even if you are blacklisted. Our cars are competitively priced, and our agreement comprehensively explains what you can expect from us and what we need from you.  It is difficult to get a vehicle when you are blacklisted, but a rent-to-own car finance plan makes car leasing possible, despite the bad credit. 

Your credit profile is a ‘snapshot’ of how financially risky you appear at a certain point in time, but fortunately, credit bureaus hold positive data as well. This helps you to build your credit-worthiness by paying off your rent-to-own car as per the agreement.  

What criteria will allow you to rent-to-own a car even if you are blacklisted? 

What criteria do you need to meet, in order to qualify for vehicle finance approval from Earn-A-Car, besides being a South African citizen? 

  • Live in Gauteng or Witbank
  • Have a minimum upfront payment of approximately 20% of the value of the car you choose
  • Be able to afford a minimum monthly payment amount of approximately R4,500 per month
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Provide South African identity and proof of residence
  • Provide more than 3 months original bank statements and a recent payslip as proof of income
  • Have no criminal record or previous unresolved issues with Earn-a-Car and 
  • Need to be 25 years or older if you are male. 

Earn-a-Car has a simple and easy to use online approval process that needs to be completed as part of the pre-approval process.  The upfront admin fee and the monthly repayments of your agreement is determined by the vehicle you choose. You can earn the car of your choice in as little as 4 to 6 years, and no credit checks are required. 

Earn-a-Car will provide you with a rent-to-own vehicle that is in good condition, and the monthly payment amount includes accident cover, accident support and a tracking system. Contact us today if you need to rent a car but are blacklisted.