If you have bad credit, chances are you’ve already been declined for car financing. You’ve experienced that sinking feeling of despair, wondering how and when you’ll ever experience the independence of getting on the road with your own set of wheels.

Living in South Africa and not having a car is a tricky situation. The fact is, you need reliable transport in order to be functional in your day to day activities. However, if you don’t have a car and have a poor credit record, your chances of being approved for vehicle financing are near impossible, right?

Wrong. Even if you are blacklisted, if you need a car, rent-to-own financing is the answer.

Rent-to-own car finance deals are ideal for people with bad credit, because for the term of the rental period, the car is owned by the rent to own company. You rent the car on a month to month basis, so a long term financial agreement, as offered by traditional vehicle finance companies, is not required.

What’s truly great about this kind of deal though, is that at the end of your agreed rental period your monthly rental payments are calculated as car repayments, giving you the option of actually purchasing the car.

Earn-a-Car offers a fantastic rent-to-own solution with amazing benefits:

  • A quick application process to get you on the road

Simply choose from a wide range of quality used cars, and with an instant approval process you could be driving your car within an hour.

  • R300 cash back for every payment you make

Paid as a lump sum at the end of your rental agreement, this money will allow you to pay any excess on your financing and purchase your car.

  • Insurance and other added extras

The Earn-a-Car monthly payment includes comprehensive accident cover, cash back towards servicing costs, vehicle breakdown assist and various other benefits.

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