Public transport isn’t fun but are you ready to own a car? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a car to help you to decide.

The advantages of owning a car

  • No more relying on public transport

Public transport is not predictable. Buses don’t always stick to a schedule and your driver can unexpectedly cancel your Uber trip. A car is more convenient as it gives you the freedom to go wherever you like, whenever you like. You can run errands quickly, without having to wait for that taxi or Uber driver to arrive.

  • Comfort

Crowded taxis and buses are not fun. You have less legroom and you may not feel like interacting with your driver. With your own car, you can listen to whatever you want on the radio, sit back, and have a relaxing drive. You can also choose who you want to drive with or enjoy your own company. 

  • Peace of mind

Public transport isn’t always the safest in South Africa. A car gives you peace of mind that your belongings will be kept safe during your drive. You are also better equipped to protect your health in a car, as public transport tends to be crowded, which isn’t ideal during a pandemic.

The disadvantages of owning a car

  • A long term car loan

If you are not buying a car with cash, you’re going to need a car loan or a financial plan. Both of these are long-term commitments that can be expensive. If you cannot pay off monthly expenses on time, you can risk losing your good credit rating or incurring penalties. 

  • Car expenses

The cost of a car is the biggest disadvantage for most buyers. Regardless if it is a new car or a used car, you’re still going to need to budget for maintenance costs. There are also car fees, such as monthly payments, an interest rate, and insurance premiums to consider. You can reduce some costs by finding a dealership that offers low rates and fixed monthly terms. 

Earn-A-Car has a solution for the disadvantages of buying a car. We offer fixed affordable monthly terms within your budget range. You can also receive cash back when you choose to rent-to-own if you make payments every month, which will help you to pay off service or maintenance costs. 

Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a car with us – call us today!