Are you blacklisted or short on funds, but need to buy a new vehicle? Buying a second hand car from a reputable dealership is a great way to be safe on the road this summer without racking up the costs. Registered dealerships service and repair their second hand vehicles to ensure  they are mechanically sound and safe on the road, before they are presented to the market for sale. It is safe to believe that a second hand vehicle, from the right supplier, is a sound investment, especially if you are blacklisted or low on funds.

What makes a second hand car the ideal investment? Vehicle finance options for a second hand car are slightly different from those of a new vehicle. They are designed to cater to lower income brackets or smaller budgets. The monthly instalments are set to be lower and you can expect some additional perks to be included. These perks include accident cover, accident support, tracking systems, immobilisers’ and even certain cash back amounts. This type of vehicle finance package on pre-owned vehicles is available at Earn-a-Car.

Driving a safe, reliable and mechanically sound vehicle does not mean you have to purchase a car that is brand new. By shopping around wisely you can find a second hand car that meets with your needs and can be catered to by your financial situation

 Applying for Vehicle Finance for a Second Hand Car with Earn-a-Car

To apply for second hand vehicle finance at Earn-a-Car, even if you are blacklisted, all you will need is the following:

  • Copy of your ID, proof of physical address, proof of income and last 3 months bank statements.
  • Your criminal record must be clean and there must be no history of unresolved issues with Earn-a-Car.
  • You must have a minimum deposit amount of R15 000 (or 20% of the property value) and you must be able to afford to pay R2500 per month in your vehicle instalments.

Contact us at Earn-a-Car for more information on our vehicle finance options today.