To keep your car in great shape, you need to maintain the interior and exterior of the car. Doing so will ensure reaching your destination without a hassle.

Tips to keep your car in great shape

  • Keep door handles lubricated – Spraying the door handles of your car with a good quality lubricant protects the parts from wear and tear as the doors are opened and closed on a regular basis.
  • Change the air filter – Changing your air filter will prevent dust and small particles from entering your car’s engine and potentially damaging the engine.
  • Check your tire pressure – Checking your car’s tire pressure regularly will help prevent problems with traction and stability on the road.
  • Change the spark plug – Changing the spark plug can improve performance and save more fuel on the long run.
  • Brake check – Making sure that your brakes are working correctly is essential when driving. Without brakes, your car will not be able to stop and you will cause an accident.
  • Change the oil – Using a good quality oil will ensure that your car will run smoothly and prevent friction and heat to cause damage to components in your car.

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