It used to be that blacklisted consumers were exiled to live a life without access to much needed credit. With millions of South Africans having adverse credit ratings, it is no longer practical for institutions to exclude these millions of consumers from their books. Therefore it has become possible for blacklisted consumers to turn their lives around.

You no longer have to hide in the shadows. You can be a productive member of society that adds value to the economy. The cloak of shame that used to be associated with an adverse credit score flew out of the window after the worst of the last decade’s recession threw many consumers into the deep end, leaving many to sink or swim.

Turn your life around if you’re blacklisted

Here are 5 ways you can turn your life around if you’ve been blacklisted:

  • Consolidate your debt: If you’re serious about turning your life and credit around, consider taking out a consolidation loan and pay off you debt. You’ll only have one loan to repay then.
  • Get debt counselling: Registered debt counsellors will act on your behalf with your creditors and negotiate easier repayment terms and lower monthly premiums.
  • Build a better credit profile: Start by paying your accounts on time and in this way start rebuilding your credit score.
  • Don’t make more debt than you can afford: It’s tempting to buy things on credit, but remember that all those monthly repayment add up.
  • Earn your car: Just because you’re blacklisted doesn’t mean you can’t own your own vehicle. Speak to Earn a Car to learn how we can help you eventually to own your very own vehicle.

We are committed to providing our customers with the chance of purchasing their own vehicle. Contact Earn a Car to learn more about our blacklisted vehicle finance.