When buying a car, especially an older model that no longer has the manufacturers vehicle warranty, you need to consider the costs of maintaining the car. Replacing tyres, windscreen wipers and a general service is not as costly as having to take your car for a major service or potentially, having to replace the cambelt.  Here are four useful tips to help you reduce your car maintenance costs.

1. Stay within the speed limit

It can be tempting to race down a quiet street or even on the highway. When accelerating rapidly, this can cause general wear and tear, faster, while also placing a lot of friction on a small engine. 

2. Expert advice 

Have your car serviced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. Replacing the oil, air filters and spark plugs helps to keep your car in good condition. A motor mechanic will let you know when the next major part or major service is needed. This will give you time to save.  

3. Use quality spare parts

When replacing a part on your car, opt for high-quality parts and when possible, always buy the part that has a guarantee. These parts may be more expensive but should last a lot longer and save you money and time by having to replace them sooner. 

4. Rotate the tyres

Rotating the tyres and getting them wheel aligned at least every six months, will distribute the wear evenly, even if your car is a front or rear-wheel drive. 

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