With motor vehicle finance in South Africa being quite difficult to achieve, many people opt to make use of public transport instead. While using public transport is often considered the cheaper alternative, in the long run it could end up costing you more while it can also impose a variety of inconveniences. Paying for public transport on a daily basis can put a strain on your budget. Below are our top 3 ways that a new car beats public transport:

  • Buying a new car means that you always have transport available to you, not just to get to work and back, but also in the event of any unexpected emergencies. Unfortunately public transport isn’t always reliable.
  • When you buy a new car you making an investment. This means that you will own the vehicle once your contract period is up. When making use of public transport, you are merely helping the transport company pay off their vehicles quicker – you get nothing back in the end.
  • Buying a car while blacklisted can help you to improve your credit rating. While your interest rate will be a bit higher than those will a good credit record can achieve, your consistent and prompt payments will start rebuilding a good credit rating for you and this means that you will get access to better credit and lower interest rates in the future. Using public transport will do nothing for your current credit rating.

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