Knowing your car inside and out can save you time, money, and headaches. Here’s a 10-point checklist for your car.

Ten-point checklist for your car

These checks will help you to ensure that your car remains safe, as well save you on trips to auto repair shops. 

Check your tyres

You need to check your tyres regularly for signs and wear and tear. Ensure that there is a tread depth of at least 1mm. Your tyres should also be rotated every 6 months.

Check your brakes

Checking your brake fluid and brake pad can help you to prevent serious accidents. Brake pads need to be replaced so that you can safely stop your car. Check your owner’s manual for details on when to replace your brake pads. 

Check your windscreen

A little scratch on the windscreen can start to crack in time and turn into a major problem. Check your windscreen to ensure that any scratches or cracks get fixed before it becomes a costly problem.

Check your windscreen wipers

Wiper blades experience wear and tear over time that can compromise your safety during a heavy downpour. You also need to fill washer fluid so that you can effectively clean your windscreen wipers. 

Check your side and rear-view mirrors

SIde and rear-view mirrors help you to safely navigate through traffic. Just like your windscreen, scratches and dirt can lead to major problems so make sure you check all your mirrors regularly and keep them clean. 

Check your lights

Lights aren’t just used in the dark, but during bad weather conditions and to indicate your direction to a driver. A broken light can therefore be hazardous. Make sure all your lights are in good working condition, including your headlights and brakes. Don’t forget to check if your indicator lights for turn signals work. 

Check your water and oil levels

You need to check your engine oil and water often to prevent engine failure and costly damage. Usually, a garage attendant can check if you need an oil change.

Check your shock absorbers

Shock absorbers help to reduce the shocks of rough terrains. You need to ensure your shock absorbers are not worn out as they can affect your tyres. An expert is needed for this.

Check your seatbelts and car chairs

You need to check your seatbelts and car chairs regularly as these are essential to keep you safe. It is illegal to drive without a seatbelt so if you need to repair your seatbelt, it’s best you do it promptly. 

Emergency roadside assist

Visit a dealership for a safety check. Ensure that you have emergency numbers and roadside assistance on standby should you encounter any issues. 

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